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Meet Your Instructor


My passions stem from being a mother, health + wellness advocate, yoga teacher, event planner, and a true believer that life should be celebrated! I understand the importance of self-care, community, and creating those small moments in time to be present. With over 20 years of experience within the event planning industry and as a yoga teacher, I dedicate my journey to bringing the community together mindfully and creatively. I embrace my talents and those around me. Together we offer a platform that is holistic, wellness-focused events that nourish the mind, body, and soul. With attention to detail, passion, and experience, we create a sense of community connection to celebrate and flourish together. Cingarden’s professional team of networks and collaborations invite you to experience tailored classes, events, workshops, retreats, and celebrations to guide you with the tools and practice you can take beyond the event.



About Cingarden Events

At Cingardens we believe in the power of moving mindfully with intention. Where we celebrate life beyond the yoga mat! Passionate about creating a supportive community. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to overall health and wellness and all areas of life celebrations. We are dedicated in offering unique and memorable experiences as we continue to grow and flourish as one community. 

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